About US

About US

Founded by a team of Professor and students of IIT Kanpur, Terraaqua UAV Solutions is much more than a survey company which use UAVs (drones).We are researchers specialized in solving real world problems using our expertise in new world technology.

We ensure cost effective, timely solutions through careful planning and satellite reconnaissance in early phase. This is followed by industry standard procedures, involving drone survey/monitoring of landscape using the acquired high-resolution/multispectral data.We analyse the data and generate most viable technical and scientific solutions to organizations-government and non government.

Rather than depending on cloud processing, we use in-house network processing,ensure confidentiality of your data ;because your data is valuable.

Our Team

We are proud of our experienced and dedicated leaders.

Prof. Rajiv Sinha
Shobhit Singh
Kaushik Roy
Dipro Sarkar